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Super Domo!

Hello friends

We're back with another furry post. Did you miss us? Several weeks ago, daddy finally popped the question and asked mummy to marry him. We're very excited mummy and daddy is finally going to be husband and wife after 9 years together. The day of their wedding will be exactly 10 years and 10 days they got together. Romantic huh? They want Domo and I to carry the rings down the aisle. Not sure how it's going to work but we might even be able to visit United Kingdom to see our uncle Max. Mummy has told us the wonderful stories about the big parks we are going to be able to roam freely one day. I'm going to be in a white dress and Domo is going to be in a tuxedo. Can you imagine it? We're going to look swell. 

Anyway, a little update on us...

Domo got neutered a month ago. Such a brave brother! Mummy said he ran out of the operation room all smiles and joy. Everything was fine until he got home and they had to put the cone of shame on him to prevent him from licking his wound. He kept accidentally knocking into things so hated it and refused to move. I still remember being put in the cone of shame, I hated it so much I gnawed it until it was unusable but now we have a new one >.< We shall destroy this one day!!!

Unhappy chappy. Well lucky for Domo because actually he didn't even need to wear his cone after the first day. Mummy said he was very good and never licked his wounds. He probably didn't even know what happened down there. We had to warn him to stop leaping up and down too much though. 

Domo all smiles without the cone. 

We also got haircuts too. What do you think? Pssss, we actually hate going to the groomers but who doesn't? Although mummy loves it when she gets a haircut. 

Mummy has been sick for the past few weeks. She's was completely bed ridden so we've been keeping her company. I'm a good foot warmer. 

Snuggles with mummy. Domo and I don't like sleeping on our own. Sometimes mummy would baby gate us outside in the living room and Domo would yelp and cry for hours. He's very clingy. Mummy complains how we take up all the space but we know she loves our morning kisses and cuddles.

See? How do you kick this out of bed? 

There's chairs all around mummy but we like sitting with her whilst she works. Although she's just posing for this picture because in real life, she is not left handed. She used her other hand so she won't block out Domo. 

SUPER DOMO! Mummy bought this for fun (mainly for a photograph to send to aunty April). How cute does Domo look in this costume? Even comes with a cape (which he destroyed two hours later). Must not have liked it.

Domo looking smart in this tie collar. Mummy took us to a family gathering a week ago and Domo was a hit with all the ladies. 

I can look smart too! 

Mummy bought me a strawberry harness & lead set but apparently it just looks like a giant pair of panties on me... I'm still happy because I was getting walked!

Hmm enjoying my nap times as always. 

That's all folks woof!

Love Chubbi & Domo xox


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