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Chubbi & Domo got Haircuts!

Hello friends woof!

We're so happy to be back home with mummy again! We had fun in 'summer doggy camp' but Domo and I missed mummy and daddy so much. I still remember the day we had to leave the apartment, normally I would storm out for my walkies but I knew something was wrong. I wouldn't leave the apartment and mummy had to practically lift me into the car. See? Dogs DO know when something is up. I just had a bad feeling that we had to go somewhere without mummy... She cried a lot when she was saying goodbye to us but she promised she'll come back for us.

During the two weeks, I was a little nervous. Domo was being his happy self running around and making new doggy friends. Lucky he was around to calm me down. But the people who looked after us were really nice =) They walked us three times a day and let us roam in big stretches of grass. We were even fed boiled chicken for dinner yummy! Here's a picture us during our 2 weeks stay below.

All smiles for the camera!

Daddy filmed the moment when mummy picked us up. As you can tell, I was VERY excited! I was jumping around nonstop because I was so happy to see mummy and daddy again. Domo was so happy he started to yelp and cry. Mummy was surprised to see how much bigger and fluffier he got.

You can check out the touching video below. Hope it makes you smile woof!

Feels so good to be back home with mummy and daddy =) Life is good!

Daddy took this sneaky pic of us. One of our favourite past times is taking naps together in the afternoon ^_^ I sync my sleeping times with mummy so when she sleeps, I sleep too!

Yesterday, they dropped us off at the doggy groomers. We thought they were leaving us again =( But a couple hours later, I see mummy running into the store and we were back into her arms again. Domo got a little too excited again. First of all, let's show how we looked before getting trimmed shall we?

This is what Domo looked like before the trim. Very scruffy but still very cute. Poor Domo got his entire body shaved a while back leaving him looking like a chicken boy. His fur slowly grew back ^_^ We love this picture of him. He even smiles in his sleep =)

Mummy being silly and making Domo look like a girl. 

SCRUFfychubzI didn't look too bad. My fur doesn't grow as fast as Domo. I just needed a slight trim for a neater look.

Now it's time to show off our new haircuts! Mummy says I'm now her little polar bear while Domo is her little teddy bear. What do you think?

Me now. I'm a marshmallow, woof!

Domo's like "Who's laughing at Chicken boy now?" Hehehe. He doesn't even look real. Looks like a fluffy teddy bear you want to cuddle huh?

He tried to growl at me today (tried to steal his bone when he wasn't looking). Hard to feel threatened when he's cute as a button. Just hard to take him seriously. 

Apparently he reminds some of you of a fellow dog cartoon called 'Afro Ken'. 

Mmm *yawn*. It's time to take our puppy naps now. Good night friends!


Love Chubbi & Domo xx
(happiest dogs in the World)

A sneaky shot mummy just took of us. We're sleeping under her chair right now. Possibly dreaming of doggy treats. 

Almost forgot! Mummy & daddy took us swimming a little while ago. I'm a fast learner while Domo didn't really care for it. Watch the cute vlog below:

Good night!!



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