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Puppy Love!

Hello friends, woof!


It's Chubbi, your favourite furry friend (I hope tehee). Did you miss us? I've been a busy pup keeping our new family member Domo occupied in the household. He feels a lot more settled and comfy now and I gotta say, it's all thanks to me *proud smile*. I've been showing him the things he can do and cannot do around home. Mummy made a new video of us. You get to see what we get up to. You can check it out below.

Yeeeeah as you can tell, Domo is practically my shadow (and I am mummy's shadow =D). Sometimes, Domo can get a little too excited when we play fight. Mummy gets worried about him hurting me but she is very proud of me because I never respond back with violence. I know he is my little brother and as a big sister, I am sure to be gentle with him. Sometimes, he sees how I get to roam the apartment freely and he cries

Domo is currently under going puppy training. Brings back the memories *sniff sniff* I still remember what it was like to pee and poo all over the place. As puppies, the World is our toilet and we just pee whenever and wherever. It will take a good few months before Domo will get the hang of peeing in 'poo/pee friendly spots' but I will be here to cheer him on. To my friends who are under-going puppy training (not you! I mean for the puppy silly), just be patient and encouraging and your fur baby will eventually get the hang of things. Us doggies are all about routine and if you are persistent enough, we will catch on. In fact, mummy and I are going to write Puppy Training posts in the near future. Mummy knows she is no dog expert but she can share her experiences taking care of us so expect posts relating taking care of a new pup, potty training and teaching tricks ^.^

Anyway, let's upload some pictures shall we?

teddybearpuppyMummy's brother in law holding Domo like a plushie.

domosleepLaxy Domo sleeping in *cough MY* doggy bed

mummyndogsJust chilling on a sunny afternoon

kissychubzNot in front of the camera mummy!

I should sleep now. Mummy and daddy took me on a car ride but turns out I am just like mummy. I get motion sickness boohoo. I threw up all over her >.< Sorry mummy! I give you lots of kisses to make up for it. Domo is already snoring away.

Good night my friends!

Ps. Have you noticed above? Daddy has a section on the website now *jumps*. He's going to update about the silly things we (mummy, Domo and I) get up to. Better not embarrass us >.< 

Love Chubbi & Domo 


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