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Meet Domo! My new puppy friend!

Hello friends woof!

Guess what? I have a new little brother! I have another furry friend to play with ^.^ Mummy came home with a puppy a few days ago. At first, I was a little scared because I haven't really had much interaction with other dogs. I had a traumatic experience with a bigger dog before. He looked exactly like me but bigger. Mummy says he is a sayomed and apparently one of my ancestors. Anyway, I was just minding my own business sniffing bushes when he lashed out of nowhere =(. Luckily his owner had him on a leash and kept him back from biting me. After that day, I became shy around other dogs hmm =( I'm crazy with people but shy with dogs. Mummy calls me a scardy cat because I let other dogs pick on me and steal my food... Hmm...

But anyway, my little brother is named Domo. Mummy originally wanted to name him MoMo but settled on Domo instead (after the Japanese mascot). Domo in chinese actually means 'lots of fur' so it fits him well eh? Mummy was originally going to bring home a new sister for me but decided on a boy instead to prevent the risk of 'girl fights'. Humph, does mummy think I'm that huffy? I'm cool and breezy but I gotta say, I'm very happy I have a brother now. 

Woof! This is my little brother Domo! He likes chasing me around the apartment

So, anyway yes when mummy introduced me to Domo - I was more afraid of him than he was of me. In fact, he was very playful and wanted to play with me right away. It took me a day for him to win my trust but now we are becoming buddies. Infact, we play chasies a lot. I'm still shy so he does the chasing and I do the running. I'm having lots of fun with Domo. I know we will be great pals!

Sniffing each other to say hello

Mummy was worried about me because I kept drooling when I was around Domo. She couldn't understand why and looked up the internet for answers. She learnt that I drool because the last time I seen a puppy was when I was a puppy myself. So I assosiate the sight of puppies with the memory of being nursed with my fellow puppy siblings. It takes me back to when my birth mummy nursed me with milk... So I drool. Mummy got really emotional after finding out and gave me lots of kisses and hugs. She told me not to worry because it will phase out in a few days.

loveloveMummy is fair! She doesn't love me any less now that Domo has joined our family. If not, she has loved me more woof!

Thank you for reminding mummy not to forget about me now that there's a new pup in the house. I know my friends got my back =) Don't worry, mummy has been very fair. Infact, she's been spending more time with me. I get more time with mummy and I get play time with Domo ^_^. 

Domo is a bit younger than I was when she took me home. She says so far, Domo is more independant than I was =_=" I was also a lot of greedier (still am actually). Maybe because she had experience taking care of me for nearly a year, she finds it easier to take care of Domo (so far). Either way she says it doesn't matter because she loves my monsterous personality. Hah =D

Domo is very enthusiastic. Always wants mummy's attention and cries a lot. He wakes me up extra early in the morning so I have to take extra long afternoon naps. One time mummy was filming in the living room and Domo started to cry in the other room. I immediately ran to his room so he doesn't feel alone. Sometimes, I fall asleep in front of his crate from looking after him so mummy put my doggy bed near him so I can sleep comfortably. 

Here's some snapshots of Domo *proud smile*

DOMOPUP4The very first night when mummy took Domo home

DOMOPUP2Domo was sleeping on mummy's lap. 

DOMOPUPWhat's Domo looking at?

domoehEh? What's going on? *Dazed out after waking up from nap*

DOMOPUP3Domo & mummy =)

I know Domo is small and cute but please don't forget about me =) I need love from my internet friends too. Mummy used to film me lots and take pictures because she knew I will grow up quick (also had excuse to play with her new camera). She hasn't really had a chance to vlog Domo properly but please be patient. You will see us two very soon. 

"But mummy, sharing is caring".

Daddy looks silly! 

Hmm... *yawn* time to take my afternoon nap. Bye bye my friends!

Chubbi, woof!


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