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I'm a brave puppy

Hello woof woof!

Just woke up from my puppy nap and decided to do a little update for my internet friends. This week has to be the toughest week in my life so far. I turned one this month (YEY! I'm a big girl now) but I also had to undergo an operation =(

Right now, it still hurts but mummy says I'm doing very well. I feel bad because mummy has been so worried. She actually felt bad for putting me through this but I know it's all for my own good. I want to be a strong healthy dog for mummy too. I got spayed a few days ago. I thought I was going for walkies but turns out it was a visit to the vet. It was scary being away from mummy but I knew she'll come get me back. So after the operation, I waited and waited. I was tired and nauseous from the anesthetic and my wound was sore. Seeing mummy will make things better. 

Then Mr Vet comes in. He unlocks my cage and tries to stroke me. Trying to hurt me again? So I bite him rawr. He didn't look angry but he petted me again. I decided to forgive him so I let him hold me. Where is he taking me?

Then through the doors, I can see mummy and daddy!  They looked so relieved to know I'm ok but mummy still looked a little heart broken to see me (in my cone of shame too. How embarassing humph). I was so happy I ended up crying on the spot. I was wiggling out of Mr Vet's arms. It hurt my stitches so I cried more but it's worth it to climb back into mummy's arms.

Then mummy took me home and I was safe again. I spend most of my days taking naps because I'm always tired and moving around too much hurts my wound but it's ok because I got mummy and she's got me =)

Droopy ears = droopy Chubbi. Daddy please be careful cutting off my bandage. 

Getting lots of cuddles

Mummy wrapping me up like a dim sum so I don't get cold whilst napping

Mummy tries to stop me from jumping up and off sofas (which is hard because I'm one crazy pup) so she made steps for me made entirely of pillows. She puts the animal channel on for me to watch on TV and even lets me off when I accidently pee on the floor (hmm... she said it's a side affect from the operation but it will go away soon). So basically I'm treated like a  princess now ^_^

I got spayed, microchipped and the Tabby injection in a day. It was tough but I rather get it all over done with than go back to that mean place. Thank you for your get well messages guys. I will recover very soon and be a good doggy for mummy. To all of my furry friends, well done for being a brave pet if you've been neutered or spayed. If you're going to get spayed/neutered soon, don't worry. You'll be fine. 

By the way, mummy uploaded a new video of me. It's a combination of video footages she took throughout the past month or so.  I hope it will make you smile woof! 

Some recent happier pictures of little me:

I don't mind the doggy hoodie because yellow is my colour and it keeps me warm but no PDA please mummy!

Tehehee, mummy found me with this in my mouth and was surprised about my 'diploma'. It's actually part of a graduation plushie. I destroyed the plush and kept the scroll. Looks like my bone chewies.

My aunt April got me this for fun. I look extra bad ass now. Chubbisaur. It's pretty comfy too!

This is Mummy and I on her birthday. She decided since I was born in December, I'll also have the same birthday as her.

Hmm... mummy is going to bed soon. This means time for Chubbi to sleep. Good night my friends woof!

Chubbi xx


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