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Chubbi Likes Naps


It is I again, Chubzilla! Hmm... not really, have you seen the size of me? Although a lot of you have been telling mummy I have grown a lot =D. That's right! I am a growing puppy. Mummy tells me you guys want a Chubbi post. Hmm what to write about... *puts thinking cap on*. I have just been busy (like mummy) doing the usual...

Chewing on socks and old shoes
Barking to my mirror's reflection
More sleeping
More sleeping
Food begging
More sleeping

Mummy is back! Showering mummy with lots of kisses!

Mummy finally returned from New York so I'm a happy puppy.The first week she left, I sat on the sofa staring at the front door 24/7 waiting for her to come home. I tried to call out to mummy so she will come home but apparently SOMEBODY decided to complain about my barking humph. I am a pomeranian. I'm supposed to be yappy. Anyway, when mummy came home I was so happy. But then mummy had something called jet lag so she spent most of her time in bed. No playtime for me but I get to have nap time with her =) 

Sleeping on mummy's bed mmm...nap time! 

Mummy has been busy catching up with work but she lets me sit on her lap whilst doing so. This picture was taken at 4 in the morning and I wanted to stay up with mummy to keep her company. 

SADASDNow that mummy is more free. We are both going to catch up on sleep. I'm starting first obviously.

Apparently I'm visiting the vet soon for a "procedure"... I don't like that place because everytime I go there, I have to get injections. Last time during my checkup, I heard another fellow dog cry "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! HOOWWWWLLLL". I don't want to do the operation and I know mummy doesn't want me to be in pain either but it's for good because it will prevent me getting sick. I'll try my best to be a brave little puppy.... Mmm... =(

Off to chew on some slippers before bedtime! Woof!

Chubz x


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