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Chubbi Mischief

Woof Woof!

Mummy has been very busy processing and packing orders lately so less time for me =(. I have been a good doggy though because I can see how tired she is. When she is up till 4am working, I stay by her side to keep her company. Apparently she likes it when I lick her ankles. Will do it for more doggy treats hehe.

Hmm... kinda made mummy angry this week though, I battered and chewed this funny looking toy and went to show it to her. What did I do wrong? Apparently these are called shoes and apparently these shoes are her favourite black heels. Apparently heels are very important to girls. I'm a girl but I don't care about heels. I like my doggy treats. Mummy no longer uses the shoe stand. All her shoes are inside a big cardboard box that I can't reach now =/


Some of my recent pictures =D Mummy got a new camera and she's using me as a dummy to test the model.

AHHHH!!! My pretend bone. I'm too little to chew bones so this edible "bone" is milk flavoured and supposed to be good for my teeth too. I spend hours a day chewing this. Mummy loves this too because it means I don't bug her when she's trying to work.

Chubbi & mummy pic ^_^

chubbipost4Eh? I'm just chilling ^_^


Looks like I'm getting choked but I'm actually enjoying a little tummy rub ^__^ mmm....

Mummy is so evil... *drools*. Even Ross agrees. 

I'm off to take a nap. Woof!



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