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I'm Chubbi! Nice to meet you!

FINALLY! I now have my own little section. VICTORY! Mummy spends so much time on her laptop (instead of playing fetch with me huff) and after finding out it's for this website, I asked if I can have my space on her site. Of course, she agreed. She lets me off with everything. Not everything actually...She doesn't let me eat her chocolates. She never lets me have any of her congee. She never l
ets me drink her green tea (although I always sneak a sip when she isn't looking teehee). But she does love me a lot.

Me looking all slick with mummy's Macbook Pro. She bribed me to pose for this picture with doggy treats. I was 4-5 months old here.

I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Chubbi Tsang. I used to live in a dodgy place where I was caged off from my sisters and brothers. Nobody played with me and nobody changed the newspaper so I always had pee on my feet.  I still remember the first time I met mummy. She kind of freaked me out because she had this intense smile in her face and she kept making high pitched "awww" noises when lifting me. I was of course scared, so I was still and shy. 

Apparently my "shyness" won mummy over because she thought I looked vulnerable. She still tells her friends that I tricked her because once she brought me home, I became crazy. Until today - people often refer to me as a crazy lively dog that's annoying but lovable. I take that as a compliment....I think?

I am nearly 7 months old now. Some of you have already seen me grow up thanks to mummy's vlog videos. If not, let's take you all back to my baby days.

Here is the first day mummy brought me home. I was 3 months old. Cute and fluffy little me. I still have this yellow duck plushie today but I have managed to gauge it's eyes out. It's still one of my fav toys today. 

Check me out. Mummy was so proud because I managed to pee in the doggy training pad. I got a yummy snack for that. 

Mummy just got her new Canon 60D camera so she kept taking photos of me =_= Can't a puppy get her beauty sleep?


Who is this monster and why did mummy put me infront of it? >.< 

I'm getting bigger but I still like my cuddles.

I like daddy's cuddles too but mummy is still the best (She made me type this)


Back then, I wasn't tall enough to climb on the bed so mummy used to tease me for being short. Now I can jump on it easily. Infact, I sleep with mummy everynight. She complains that I hog all the space but I am just one tiny dog geeez =_= Don't see me complaining about her rolling over and nearly crushing me to death.

Apparently I used to run away with mummy's panties...I would deny this but apparently there is evidence *rolls eyes* hmm....

Mummy and I. She always says that I used to be so light and that she can easily carry me with one hand. Now she complains I am too heavy. How is that supposed to make me feel? I am only 2kg! >.<


Where am I supposed to look? The reflection, the camera or the camera's reflection? *scratches head*


Mummy told me after I got my head stuck between a gap. That's dust all over my snout. I look guilty ....


Now I am 7 months old. I'm still a puppy but I've lost my puppy fat. I went through a shedding stage but my fur is slowly growing back. It will take 2 years for me to grow all of my pomeranian coat >.<


Like all dogs, I love to play fetch. I'm hardcore because that is a shark in my mouth. 

Doggy treats
Playing fetch
Long walks
Celery and carrots
Nap time (I don't tend to sleep much though)
Drinking out of mummy's cups
Waking mummy up by trampling on her stomach
Kissing mummy and daddy

Being cuddled. I like to run away.
When mummy tries to kiss me. So annoying
When people refer me as 'HE'. I have a pink collar!!!!! Although my fur covers it up.
When mummy shouts at me for being naughty
When mummy watches Harry Potter. Makes me bark.
I'm not scared of a 6ft man but I'm afraid of other dogs. Why they sniffing my bum for? =(


Me waking up with mummy. I like tummy rubs ^_^

I'm a happy dog! Mummy is about to take me for walkies. 


Catch up with me and see the mischief I get up to. I'm a happy dog and hopefully I can make you smile the way I make mummy smile. Ok, time for me to go to bed. Catch you all later. woof!

Chubbi xx

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