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  • I'm Chubbi! Nice to meet you!


    FINALLY! I now have my own little section. VICTORY! Mummy spends so much time on her laptop (instead of playing fetch with me huff) and after finding out it's for her website, I asked if I can have my own little space (dogs like to be territorial). Of course, she agreed. Hello! Woof!!

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  • Chubbi Likes Naps


    It is I again, Chubzilla! Hmm... not really, have you seen the size of me? Although a lot of you have been telling mummy I have grown a lot =D. That's right! I am a growing puppy. Mummy tells me you guys want a Chubbi post. Hmm what to write about... *puts thinking cap on*. I have just been busy (like mummy) doing the usual...


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