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Super Domo!


SUPER DOMO & Update on your favourite furry duo. 

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Chubbi & Domo got Haircuts!


Woof! Did you miss us? We're so happy to be back home with mummy after 2 weeks apart. We got haircuts too!!!

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Puppy Care: Puppy Dilemma?


Puppy Lesson 2: Puppy Dilemma. Is your puppy struggling to be potty trained? Is your pup biting/chewing excessively? Does your pup whine and bark a lot? Find out how you can solve these problems. 

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Puppy Care! Lesson 1


Puppy care! Lesson 1. Are you ready for a puppy? How to prepare your home for your new pup and taking care of your little fur baby.

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Puppy Love!


It's PUPPY LOVE! In a strawberry <3 Oh and did you miss us?

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