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Nose contouring for asian noses

Today, I’m going to demonstrate how I contour the nose by using some makeup to create an illusion of a taller and slimmer nose.

Some people like fuller lips, some like small lips, some like big eyes, some like small eyes. However, with the nose there is a so-called set standard - “Slim & high”. What is this ‘set standard’ anyway? I don’t believe in it but doesn’t the media like to brain wash us? They make us believe that we are not good enough.

I rather you guys to not go through the pain from nose surgery and master nose contouring instead. If you can apply eyeliner to make eyes bigger, wear black to give illusion of a slimmer body, wear heels to make yourself taller, wear extensions to fake having long hair; why can’t you use makeup to give illusion of a slimmer nose?

The way I contour my nose is a bit different from how most makeup artists techniques. This is because everybody is different - hence we all have different noses. This means one form of makeup will not cater everybody. Just like makeup looks are limited on my eyes because I have small eyelids. That’s fine, we’ll just work with other methods that work well for us. I find that this technique works best for me. Makeup should have no rules.

I will also demonstrate little tricks to help drive focus away from the nose if you are very self-conscious.


I like to use an eye shadow brush to contour the nose. It’s nice and small, great for precision and control. A brush too wide will make the shadow big, which can actually make the nose appear larger.


I like to also use a fluffier brush to blend out harsh edges if there are any


Typically use a matte powder (no shimmers!) that’s a few shades darker than your skin tone. I used NARS Laguna as it is one of my favourite contouring powders to use.

  1. I like to start on one side of my nose rather than from the brow bone. The reason is because this method will look much softer and more natural. Follow the natural curve of the nose and move brush in a C-Shape motion. Remember to gradually build up the colour/shadow because too much powder will make your nose look muddy & dirty. Doing this trick will make your alar base appear slimmer.

  2. Now bring brush upwards so it moves up alongside of the nose bridge. If you don’t know where it is - use your finger (or a Q-tip) to feel alongside your nose. You should be able to feel where it hits against your bone. BLEND BLEND BLEND because the key to contouring is blending. This technique will make the nose appear slimmer and higher.


  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 on other side of the nose.


  4. Highlight the bridge of the nose to give an illusion of a straighter & taller nose using a concealer.


You can see in the After picture, my nose looks more defined and smaller. To be honest - I prefer my Before picture. Maybe because I’ve realised that I actually suit my flatter/wider nose?

Feeling Beautiful

Remember, nobody is perfect. Everybody has flaws and sometimes what you think is a flaw could be what your family & friends love about you. You know what? I don’t mind my nose now and I’ve made peace with it. I used to hate my nose because it wasn’t tall like my mother’s nose. I would look at the mirror and cry. It made me insecure and I would try to photoshop my pictures or even rip up perfectly fine normal photos of myself. I do regret this but I wasn’t a foolish girl, I was just insecure. I’ve even considered getting a nose job before, would you believe that? Crazy eh? When are we going to stop being so harsh on ourselves and focus on our perfectly good features instead?

My flat nose is actually one of my boyfriend’s favourite feature about me. His cute button nose (that he hates) is one of my favourite features about him. My flat nose is actually inherited from my father and it makes me happy that I have a feature that represents somebody I love & care about. It’s part of me. I should love it and feel lucky that I can breathe out of it and that it keeps me alive. There is nothing wrong with my nose. Beauty cannot be measured. To my parents, my grandparents, my friends and loved ones, I am the perfect version of my imperfect self already.

If you are considering surgery, I won’t judge you at all because I understand you’ll have your own reasons. But remember to think it through because there are a lot of factors to think about. Think about who are you doing this for and remember, surgery doesn’t necessarily mean you will be happier afterwards. Definitely think about all sorts of alternatives before going under the knife. It can be dangerous and no surgery is 100% guaranteed safe or successful. Why not try contouring first? You’ve got nothing to lose right? Definitely talk to somebody you can trust.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart”. Helen Keller.

I may be only 4ft 11, have a round face, flat nose and thick legs but I’m beautiful ^_^ You are beautiful too ~ Tell yourself this and believe it!

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