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Sunset Silhouette Nails


Hello bubbiful ones!


I have a fun arty nail design for you guys today. Inspired by the African safari, here is a Sunset Silhouette nail tutorial for you guys. Let's try something a little different and get arty! 




I saw something similar in a nail art magazine a couple weeks ago and was inspired to give it a go. It was actually very relaxing to do and not as difficult as it looks. No professional nail brushes are required! Now you can wear the beautiful sunset on your nails ^_~


Check out the nail tutorial below:


I've been struggling to edit/film lately due to my PEP problems. The second I sit down, hives will spread all over my legs. I tried to work standing up but I can't stand very long because my pregnant belly is so heavy these days XD. Add it with the lack of lack and forget about it. Bear with me guys! I am totally going to ask the doctor tomorrow if he can prescribe something for me. I will keep you guys updated on baby news too. 


Alright. Need to be up nice and early tomorrow so time to hit the sack. I will speak to you guys soon! I hope you enjoy the fun nail tutorial!


Love, Bubz xx



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