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Arty Floral Nail Tutorial


Hello my precious ones!

You know what? It feels like forever since our last nail tutorial. To make up for the absense of them, I have been on a roll with nail tutorials. Today, we are going to start off with this one.




The floral print is HUGE this summer. You may have been seeing it on sweaters, blazers and shorts lately. I saw a cute floral nail design in a magazine a couple weeks ago and it inspired me to give it a go. 

This nail design look a lot more complicated than it really is. You do not need any professional nail tools. All you will need are:

- Nail polishes
- A tooth pick
- A bobby pin

Who says you can't do pretty nail designs without the professional nail tools?


Check out this nail tutorial below:


This contemporary nail design is perfect for the warmer season. Even if the weather sucks where you are, I promise it will perk up your mood. This design is the perfect mix between arty farty and girly girly. Another thing, I never make a nail tutorial unless I know you can do something the same/similar on the other hand. Don't worry guys! Practice makes perfect. You can do it!


Which hand do you prefer?



If you decide to try out this nail design, don't forget to take a pic and show me either through Facebook, twitter or instagram.

NOTE: Some of you guys have been telling me the nail deign looks like the Marimekko floral print. I promise you guys with all of my heart that I have never ever heard the brand before so it's pure coincidence. In fact, I only found out about this designer because you guys told me it looked similar to it XD. However, it could be possible that the nail design I saw in the magazine was inspired by the Finnish designer? *Shrugs* 

Another nail tutorial will be up soon! 


Much love, Bubz xx




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