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6 Easy Ribbon Hairstyles + LA Meet & Greet Details


Hello beautiful butterflies!

Ok so I don't know what you guys like to hoard. Some people like to collect jars. Some like to collect cute boxes. Some like to collect cute paper bags. I like to collect ribbons. They just instantly transform ANYTHING to look cuter and more elegant. I wrap them around my vases to add more colour to my living room. I especially like to incorporate ribbon into my hairstyles.



Which hairstyle do you like best? My favourite is the bottom middle one. 


Today, I'm going to show you guys 6 easy ribbon hairstyles. They're going to be super easy and quick to create because you know what? Ribbon is best showcased with simple hairstyles. You will feel SO girly with these hairstyles and I guarantee you will stand out from the crowd. 


Check out the hair tutorial below:


I got my ribbon from a birthday cake box! How cool is that? It cost me zero pennies!! Score! 


Bubz, Where can I find ribbons?
Try your local craft supply or fabric store.

Bubz, how long should my ribbon be?
Your hair length x 3. For example, if your hair is 15 inches long- then the ribbon needs to be 45 inches. 



LA Meet & Greet

I'll be in LA all of next week for work and I wanted to make sure I'll be able to see your little faces. The Meet & Greet will be on Monday 17th June 2013. 4PM at The Grove. If you're free, definitely stop by and say hello. I'd love to give you guys big big hugs!! 


Ok, must return to packing. Because I'm away for a week, I probably won't be able to upload a new Bubzbeauty or Bubzvlog video during that time. I hope you guys understand. We shall see anyways! Maybe the connection will be good enough for me to upload tehehee!

Good night world!

Much love, Bubz xx



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