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Hi everybody!

Everybody enjoying the month of June so far? The sun is finally out in Hong Kong again! No more crazy rain storms wohoo. Today, I have a new vlog up for you guys.


Today's VLOG in a nutshell:

- Morning aerobics
- Domo cries again
- Trying out the Blogilates healthy icecream cookie sandwich recipe
- Answer to why Tim is always sleeping on the couch
- Bathing Domo 

Check it:



Incase you're wondering, Domo was separated because he pooed on the floor. He knew he did a bad thing and was getting his little time of isolation. I admit though... I do enjoy his cute whimpering. I'M SO EVIL Bwahahaha!

I had a lymphatic massage yesterday before doing my errands yesterday. It was pretty painful lol. Apparently after a lymphatic massage, you can actually fall sick because it's removing the toxins. So this means I can feel worse before I feel better. However, I woke up today and I swore my arms looked thinner this morning. WOW! 

Ok, time to go make some breakfast before gym.

Have a wonderful day everybody!


Much love, Bubz xx




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