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Get Ready For Bed With Me

Hello hello!

Things have just been a little crazy lately. I really needed a good relaxing night to end my day. I invite you all to join me as I get ready for bed =)


Sometimes, it feels like we are too busy to 'relax'. How can you work to your fullest potential when you body is in deed of rest? You need rest to restore your body and mind. Recharge yourself and you'll be fresh minded for tomorrow. Whether it's a power nap, a quick facial or a foot rub- you deserve it!


Wind down and relax with me (and Chubbi & Domo too actually):



The very awkward thing was, I had to turn camera off before sleeping.

Another awkward thing was filming myself bathing. I tried my hardest not to slip a nip on camera so it was mega awkward seeing myself whilst editing. Really did feel like a low budget porno movie... lol... awkward.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Some of you asked if my microphone is broken. It's actually fine but I thought I'll speak in a quieter tone to match the calm video. Some of you requested a 'Get Ready In The Morning' video. We shall add that to the request list. 

Ok, need a quick gym session now. Got back from shipping out hundreds of orders today. Little me in tired and Tim is already asleep on the couch (nobody is surprised lol). 

May is FLYING by! We're heading into June and do you know what that means? SUMMER IS NEAR (well, not for those in Australia hehe). 

Have a wonderful day you guys! I haven't uploaded a vlog in like 6 days already!!! I'll have a new vlog up tonight. Oh, this is random but I thought I'll share an experience today. I was at the post office getting the bulk of orders out today. I turned around and I noticed there was a middle aged man staring at me. He had one hand leaning on the wall and other hand FULLY picking his nose. He kept staring at me for like 5 seconds!!! It was so bizarre. Was he trying to turn me on or something? Either way, it certainly caught my attention but not in a good way. It was so weird! I could not look away even though I was so disgusted. WHY??? I can't get this image off my head now. He was half smiling too lol. I wish you can got to see! OK! Gym...


Much love, Bubz xx




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