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Dreamy Summer Look

Hello SUNSHINE!!! ^_^


So I have been wearing this look quite a lot recently (and also in my vlogs) and some of you requested me to do a tutorial on this look so here you go guys! 
I think it's very interesting that in Fall/Winter, it was all about neon bright colours but now as we transition into Spring/Summer, the emphasis is on earthy neutral colours (and eyeliner) so it's almost as if they switched places. 
Think of makeup styles like Mila Kunis where the look is all about dewy healthy skin, warm one toned eyes, dark eyeliner & eyelashes! It's a wonderful exotic look that's simple and easy to create. 
Check out this Dreamy Summy makeup tutorial below:
This look will look great on anybody. It's works well for brunch, walks on the beach, shopping, cocktail nights- any occasion. 
This look will bring out your eye colour (especially if you have blue eyes). 
Have a wonderful day everyone

Much love, Bubz xx






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