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Hi everybody!

I have been non-stop today trying to catch up on work I've missed while I've been away for the weekend to Thailand (Thailand Vlog coming up). I got back last night and as wonderful as the trip was, I was absolutely EXHAUSTED haha. Dark circles are as crazy as ever but looks like it's gonna be a while before I can catch up on my sleep. It's all good because guess what? THE NEW BUBBI BRUSHES ARE READY!!! Finally! *wipes a happy tear*



I can't believe these brushes are my very own products. Somebody pinch my butt cheek! Still feels like a dream.

First of all, thank you SOOO MUCH to everybody for supporting me all these years. I wouldn't have been able to do this without you all. Being able to venture out into my own makeup brushes has been a total dream come true. The past year & a half has been an incredible journey. What I like best about it is that I'm still learning. Thank you so so much for your amazing support. I feel like nothing I say can ever describe how grateful I am. I am forever thankful. 

The first range of Bubbi brushes will always be special to me but it's time for change because there's always room for improvement =) Bubbi brushes are growing up (just like little me). 

As promised, we decided to bring down the prices by 20% for you all. At the same time, we invested more money into the quality & packaging. Being completely honest, we decided to miss out a bit more in profit to really get the brushes out there. I promise I'm not saying this because these are my brushes but they are seriously quality brushes for an affordable price. I'm super excited about them and I am optimistic that you guys will enjoy them ^_^ 

Check out the new brushes here!

I will make a proper video describing each brush in detail. I will also be doing a giveaway but bear with me first guys. Still trying to figure out how to host a giveaway on Youtube (any ideas?). It's going to be VERY difficult (and almost impossible) to read possibly hundreds of thousands of comments. We'll figure it out, don't worry. Either way, be prepared for a super giveaway coming soon!




Oh my goodness... we just launched the new brushes and the website HAS already crashed from the huge volume of people trying to get in. You guys are CRAZY lol. I'm so excited I think I'm about to wet my panties. OH MYYY!! We're so sorry guys. Bear with us, you'll be able to enter the site soon! Thank you sooo much to everybody who is showing support by purchasing the brushes already!! I can't handle this!! I keep running off to the toilet to pee!!!

Thank you so much once again.... *wobbly lips* 

With love, Bubz xx




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