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Bra Fitting Guide (ALL GIRLS MUST WATCH)

Hi ladies,




Today, I am excited to share this 'Bra Fitting Guide' video with you all. Do you know that 80% of women don't wear the correct bra size? If you really think about it, that is NUTS!!! Most women think it's no big deal but do you know wearing the incorrect bra size can cause:

- Poor posture
- Poor blood circulation
- Pooorly shaped breasts
- Denting in shoulders & sides of the body
- Back fat
- Headaches
- Neck pain

I have always had small boobs but I had always hated wearing bras. I just didn't like the whole uncomfortable feeling of the wires digging into me, straps cutting into my skin and my boobs being suffocated (despite being small chested). I realised the reason I disliked wearing bras so much was because I was simply just wearing the wrong bra size (and bra but we'll get there later).

Let me tell you, this video is going to be LIFE-CHANGING for you girlies. Wearing the correct bra & bra size can improve your posture, make your body slimmer and improve your breasts. 


We're going to be covering:

- How to measure your bra size correctly
- How to put on your bra correctly
- Recommended type of bra to wear 


Check out the Bra Fitting Guide video below:


I have worn bras in 32B /34A all my life so I was SUPER SHOCKED to find out I'm actually 28D (or 30C). Even now saying it makes me giggle. Many people don't realise that their cup size is relative to their band size. This means a 30C cup could be smaller than a 36A cup. You get my drift? I know it's hard to believe. Especially if you're a full chested lady, you may have always thought you were a D cup but to find out you're actually an E of F cup. Don't freak out. Truth is, most of the world just wear their cups too small (but bands too big).

Remember! Depending on your country, not all bra sizes run the same. For example, in United States - DDD is carried whereas in UK, we only go up to DD. Best thing to do is to compare with a international bra size chart and convert. 

I hope you guys enjoyed the video. As awkward as this topic can be, I was very excited about making this video because I like a lot of you have been wearing the wrong bra for SO long. I hope as a community, us girls can help each other out and share the knowledge. 

If you want to find out more on bra fitting, check out this girl's website. She definitely knows her stuff when it comes to bra fitting. 

Have a wonderful week guys!

With love, Bubz xx




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