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Teabag Face Scrub


Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to share this new DIY Beauty video with you guys. I've been meaning to make this video for a while but wanted to wait longer so you guys can really see results.


Remember a little while back I told you guys about my crazy breakouts? I went to the dermatologist and was given some medication that made my skin scar like crazy. I was getting lots of dark brown spots along my jaw line and I was absolutely horrified. Immediately I stopped taking it and was given something else which caused my skin to break out in cystic acne for the first few weeks. I know I shouldn't pick them especially when cystic acne is under the skin (it has no opening) but I couldn't help it. It was a nervous (bad) habit and I was left with more horrible scars that makeup just couldn't cover. My acne started to clear up again and my problem was no longer about the acne but the scars. 

Now months on, I'm happy to say my scars are finally fading and I couldn't be any happier. I've been using this DIY scrub and a scar fading mask (oatmeal + a little water + rice flour) once a week to really maximise results. 



You're likely to find if not all but most of ingredients in your own kitchen to make this exfoliating facial scrub (or cleansing scrub).



Next time you make yourself a nice steaming cup of greentea, don't throw away the teabag. It's going to help give you polished and smooth skin. 


Check out the DIY Teabag Facial Scrub Tutorial below:


Beauty benefits of the ingredients

Greentea: We all know that drinking greentea can benefit our health but do you know that it's also amazing for the skin? It's packed full of antioxidants to detox skin and prevent damage from pollution and stress. 

Rice Flour: If you're suffering from acne scars or sun spots, rice flour can help to lighten up the bad boys. It's also wonderful for treating acne and oily skin.

Honey: Honey can be used for all types of  problematic skin. It's hydrating for dry skin and soothing for acne.  The benefits of honey for the skin is almost countless. 

How else can I treat acne scars?

Try not to eat lots of salty foods (or foods high in sodium) because they tend to darken scars. Drink lots of water to flush out toxins out of your body and try to keep away from the sun as much as possible. Applying natural yogurt to your skin can also help to lighten the marks. Remember, before you treat the scars - you must treat the acne first or you will just keep getting new acne scars. 

Why it's important to exfoliate
Depending on your skin type, we should try to exfoliate at least once a week. Exfoliating helps to buff away dead skin cells clogging up the pores to reveal fresh youthful skin. It helps skin absorb creams/masks better for a brighter complexion. Always exfoliate gently using your finger tips. NEVER use your palms. Being too harsh can actually harm the skin. 

Your body deserves love too
I admit I make less effort with my body. Remember, your body deserves attention and love too. Take extra care on areas that are prone to dryness such as your elbows. Your body lotion will absorb better on exfoliated skin. Exfoliate arms and legs so they're silky smooth for your cute little shorts and tank tops. 


Hope this was helpful. Thank you so much for watching/reading. Have a wonderful week guys.


Much love, Bubz xx



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