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3 Minute Makeup Challenge

Hi everyone!

There is only one word to describe this video. STRESSFUL!


I was tagged to do the 3 minute full face makeup challenge a little while back. I saw a few on the internet and thought "Pssh, I can totally do this!!!" I can normally do my makeup comfortably in 5 minutes so I guess those 2 extra minutes make that much of a difference. 

Turns out as a easily stressed person, I don't handle well under pressure. At one point, I almost forgot how to apply makeup. Lots of time were wasted from flapping arms and  whimpering in distress XD.


Can I do a full face makeup in 3 minutes? Watch to find out:

As stressful as it was filming this, it was also crazy fun!!! I tag ALL OF YOU to do this tag. I wanna see you all panic bwahahahaha!

I was stressed editing this video so hopefully this video didn't stress you guys out too much. Apologies on the annoying random noises I was making. I wanted to punch myself watching me =_=". Still can't believe I forgot my lipstick!! ROOKIE MISTAKE!

Thank you so much to those who tagged me (and wanted to watch me in distress lol). Let me know if there are anymore fun tags you want me to do!

Have a fantastic week. 

Much love, Bubz xx




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