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What's in my Weekend Travel Bag?



Hi everyone,




I headed off to Thailand last weekend and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show you guys what's inside my weekend travel bag (my hand luggage). I'm the type that tries to pack EVERYTHING but not everything if that makes sense. I'll be sharing the makeup, skincare products and outfits that I packed. This means I'll also be sharing my absolute summer essentials. 


Check out my weekend travel bag video below:



Thailand was so fun. It's a shame we only got to be there over the weekend since everybody had jobs to return to for Monday. I highly recommend Thailand and would return again. You can check out my Thailand diary post here to see pictures. You can also check out my Thailand vlog below if you haven't seen it already ^_^



Man, today pretty eventful for me. After helping out Tim with orders till late, I woke up early to visit my dermatologist. Then I headed off to sort out the bridal bouquets, then I went to a bridesmaid dress fitting with one of my bridesmaids, then we picked the bridesmaid hair accessories, then we picked the vests for the groomsmen and finally back at home, I picked out my bridesmaid gifts. Not bad eh =) 

Poor Tim has been SO busy processing the orders! He has probably slet for about 6 hours in the past 2 days. We did not expect the brushes to sell so quickly. Our expectations were actually exceeded by three fold. Thank you so much for the overwhelming support everybody. Bear with us please. Tim is trying his best to work as quick as he can. I thought I'll be a good fiance by making him homemade soup but I ended up burning the soup (AND the pot sigh). Anyway, I figured out a way to host a giveaway now so stay tuned! I'll upload the brush demo video when the orders calm down a little bit. 



Good night world! zzZZZ

Much love, Bubz xx



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