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Butt Squats Challenge FAIL


Hi everyone,


So lots of you guys requested Tim to do the butt squat challenge with me so after LOTS of persuading, HE AGREED! We also dragged our friend Will to do it with us. That was a bit more difficult because he hates this song lol. I laughed A LOT editing this video. 


Enjoy watching us in pain. I think I have an idea what I might sound like when I give birth one day.


 Check it! Hope it makes you laugh:


You can check out Cassey’s CALL ME MAYBE Mighty Squat challenge video here.  I LOVE YOU CASSEY but I think my butt is broken right now lol. 

Hope you are enjoying the vlogs! More to come. Starting to really get into the habit of vlogging. I’ve spent the past 2 days working so was nice to chill out today. SUPER BUSY. Kind of scared of the days to come but HURGHHH, I can do this!

I hope you enjoyed our company. Have an awesome weekend!

Much love, Bubz xx

Much love, Bubz xx





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