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Why you should LOVE your Small Boobs


Hi beauties!


Today's video is dedicated to all the beautiful smaller chest ladies around the World. I've been getting quite a few emails regarding the topic of 'dealing with small breasts'. Since it has been a while since our last Girl Talk episode, I thought 'What a perfect topic to talk about'. 

As a fellow small chested girl myself, I can absolutely understand how difficult it can be to feel attractive or feminine.

We live in such a superficial age and it's no wonder so many women feel pressurised to look good. The definitition of beauty is just so distorted now. The media is constantly trying to remind us that we are no good enough. I too, have been obsessed once obsessed with the idea of 'perfecting myself'. What I needed to change actually wasn't my body but my head. 

In this video, I'm going to share my experiences and thoughts on small boobs and why you should love your twins. Nobody is perfect but my boobs aren't imperfect because they're not flaws. In fact, they are perfect for my body. If you are comtemplating on breast implants in the near future, please watch this video first. 


Watch the video below:


Having small breasts doesn't make you any less of a woman. I realised what truly made me feel confident and happy was being able to truly accept myself. Looks can attract somebody's attention but it's your personality that wins their heart. 

I have thought about the idea of having a boob job before (I'm pretty sure most small chested ladies have lol) but you just gotta be honest with yourself ladies. Why exactly do you want bigger boobs? Is it really for yourself? Or is it for the approval of others. I hope I don't come across as judgemental when I say this guys. I promise you I'm not and if I come across as critical, I'm sorry but I only say this out of love. It's so easy for girls to jump on the surgery wagon now. No surgery is 100% permanent nor successful. I don't want girls to think their problems are going to disappear with bigger knockers. You'll still have insecurities. You'll still have problems. Everybody does. Sometimes, instead of "fixing" what's on the inside- we just gotta try to fix the inside first. You are made by God to look one of a kind. It's beautiful ^_^


Some examples of beautiful women with a humble chest:

Keira Knightly, Cameron Diaz, Mila Kunis and Hilary Duff all rock smaller sisters. Infact, Mila Kunis is voted the SEXIEST woman in the World. 



Go Mila!!


Big or small. Boobs are still boobs. EMBRACE your body ladies. 

I hope this was helpful. Thank you so much for watching / reading.


Have a wonderful week guys!

Much love, Bubz xx



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