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Hi guys,

So here is my latest vlog video! YES!! I actually uploaded a video on my vlog channel. I have a confession. I have been obsessed with a certain channel on Youtube called BLOGILATES. You'll know why when you check out the vlog video haha. I hope you guys will enjoy catching up with Chubbi, Domo and I =) 



I actually laughed quite a lot editing this vlog. Yes, I was laughing at myself. Life is only fun when you can laugh at yourself. 


Check out the vlog video below:


Cassy knows my wedding is in 4 months so she's actually putting together a fitness and diet plan for me =') She is so sweet and I know with her coaching me, I'm gonna look hot ass for the big day(lol ok stop laughing). 

I probably watch vlogs more than beauty videos and I have to admit this - I just don't vlog enough. Bear with me, I WILL strive to upload more of these for you guys.

Ok, it's almost 1AM now so I better get some rest because I need to wake up early tomorrow to see my mamma. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Much love, Bubz xx


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