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Store your makeup with a Magnetic Board


Hi everyone!

I've been clearing out the apartment lately and I came across this old magnetic drawing board Tim bought many years ago. He got it during university and just hasn't touched it ever since. I actually used it for my 'Draw My Life' video but still didn't want the board to go to a waste. 

Usually I apply my makeup in my bathroom because it has the best light and a big mirror. All my everyday makeup items are placed on the table next to my sink. I don't know why but it's just always a MESS. I have a lot of skincare products on the table surface so they get mashed together which makes it look even messier. There are a lot of days when I'm in a hurry but I would waste valuable minutes looking for my eyeliner pen hidden beneath the crazy chaotic pile of makeup. 

I remember watching my friend Jessicalee422's (please check her out) video a while back and she used a magnetic board to store her makeup. I thought "Hey, I'm gonna give it a go".



Ta-da!!!! Everything is now neat and tidy. I just popped the board against one of my walls and now my table space is CLEAR! The magnetic board was purchased from IKEA and it came with the magnets (I think he bought the magnetic containers though). Then there's little magnetic clips and I use it to hang my eyelash curlers and also my scrunches (which I use for showering and lounging in the house). I can even write notes on this board since it's also a drawing board. 




See? I organised the containers into mascara & eyebrow products, my everyday lip products, eyeliners and then concealers and bb creams. Before this, all my products were sprawled across my table. The containers were a bit too deep for my makeup so I stuffed the bottom with some cotton pad. 



Since I had magnets lying around, I glued it to the back of the products I use most frequently. Now I can grab them and pop them back effortlessly. I just used PVA glue because it will stay sturdy enough but can be removed at ease if needed. 

You can find this board in IKEA for pretty cheap (along with the magnetic stuff). You can even pin this into your wall. Thanks Jessica for the idea!! Hope you guys enjoyed this little makeup storage tip. 

Have a wonderful week guys!

Much love, Bubz xx



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