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Major Purse Kill

Hi everyone,


I can't even describe how AMAZING it feels to come home from a long day out in the humid hot weather in Hong Kong. Removing my stinky sweaty clothes felt AMAZING. Removing my makeup felt AMAZING.  That shower felt AMAZING. Now I'm in a big comfy T-shirt and enjoying the air con. Ah, sweet bliss!

So today I met up with my friend Suzi (you guys may have seen her on Youtube) for lunch. She flies back to London today so we wanted to finally meet each other and chill. She is just the sweetest girl ever and we kept laughing throughout lunch talking about the similarities of our 'dorky boyfriends'. Turns out we actually met each other before. She went to a party in Sheffield before and I turned out to be the cashier girl at the club (and also the dancer for the night! CRINGE). It was really nice catching up with her but pity the people at the restaurant had to rush us to leave. I'm sure we will meet each other again! For now, here are some pictures we took last minute before departing goodbye. 


 We were trying to decide where to take a photo but in the end, the background can't even be seen XD



Hope you don't mind me using your pic Suzi! I love this pic ^_^ 


So afterwards, I trained it out to meet my mama. Mum comes to HK once a year and this is when I usually end up buying my annual batch of clothes in cheap & friendly streets. This year, she decided to take me to Tsim Sha Tsui. I knew it was a bad idea because she talked me into doing major damage on my purse. I pierced my ears in December and I wanted to buy a nice pair of earrings and my mum suggested I pick something designer. She told me to leave it to her and she went seeking for earrings for me. Guess what? She hopped right into Chanel. I swallowed and followed her in. I was afraid the Chanel earrings will look too 'showy' and 'in your face' but she picked out a really adorable pair. 



Despite feeling mega guilty for splashing so much on a piece of jewelry, I do think they are very pretty. I was really just looking for everyday type of studs but I just love the lace detail along with the little pearls. Such an cute elegant piece. 



Trying them out. Sorry about the stiff smile, mum was taking forever taking the picture. My first pair of chanel earrings!!! 



Afterwards, mum and I had dinner. She bought new earrings too! 


As if I didn't burn a big enough hole in my purse already, I ended up buying another piece of jewelry. This time from Yves Saint Paris (they changed their name recently by the way). My cousin was able to give me a whopping 25% off because she works in the building. I got myself an Arty ring!!! I first saw it on my good friend Wendy (Wendyslookbook) and ever since, I've always wanted one but held back because of the price. I have to say, this ring took time to appreciate it's beauty but now I can truly appreciate this statement piece. 



I picked the gold/white one because out of all the colours, it's the easiest to match with most outfits. I decided to get the smallest size to wear on my middle finger. I tried it on my index finger and it made it look mega short and stubby XD. Plus, it's comfiest on the middle finger too. 


Almost forgot, I also popped into H&M today before meeting mum. The weather is getting immensely warm already so I decided it was time to get some new vest tops.



I liked the colour of this blouse. You guys already know I love my lace. Thought it'll be a nice piece to wear with a cranberry lip colour. I would wear this with a cute straw hat and beige accents. 



I lost my previous lace vest so I picked up another one. I'll be wearing a plain pastel coloured tank tops underneath. 



I've always loved the tribal print so picked up a loose fitting vest for the hot weather. 



I can't wait to wear turqoiuse in my hair again. It has to be the prettiest colour to wear for Spring/Summer. 


Yeah... I won't be buying myself anything in a while >.<  I know it's probably hard to believe but I actually don't even shop that often. I just don't have the time to go out and hand pick my clothes. When mum is here, it's easy because she knows the type of clothes I like. Usually if I can choose between buying beauty products and fashion pieces, it would pick beauty products. What about you?


I've finally been doing more wedding planning now that mum is here. I already picked out my hair accessories, traditional chinese red gown, jewelry and invitations. 5 MONTHS TO GO!!! WOOP WOOP! Working on the guest list right now. Ok, it's already 1am right now so I'm going to bounce off to bed. I'll wake up early tomorrow and edit/upload an 'Outfit of the day' video for you guys =) 



Goodnight World!


Much love, Bubz xx




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