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DIY Totoro Plushie



Hello my peas in a pod!

Totoro has always been my favourite childhood anime character. I collect all things Totoro related because I'm obsessed with this anime. Today, I’m going to show you guys how you can make your own neighbor Totoro. Make one as a gift to someone special or as a gift to yourself ^_~  No sewing is required! YUSH!!! 



So round and cute!


This video will be our final Needle Felting tutorial.  I think we all learnt enough needle felting knowledge to make our own little projects independently now. Now we can get creative on our own. 


Check out the fun DIY tutorial below:



Unlike the previous videos, this one isn’t made following instructions from a manual. I actually pretty much made it as I went along.

I’ve been seeing your needle felting projects from your pictures. I’m so proud of you guys!!  Keep up the good work and please keep sending your pictures in.

Thank you so much for watching everyone!

Much love, Bubz xx

Ps. Yup, a nail tutorial will be coming up in 2 days time!


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