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Draw My Life

Hey everyone,

I've been seeing 'Draw My Life' videos everywhere on Youtube these days. It looked freaking fun so here is my take on it! Wohooo! My life story in drawings. Smile, laugh, cringe and cry with me.


Watch my Draw My Life video below:



I thought this video would just be a laugh to make but it somehow got pretty emotional for me. It brought back so many precious memories I had forgotten. 

I wasn't always a happy confident girl. I understood how it felt to be 'rejected' from the World. I'm saying "I understand, hang in there because as long as you stay true to yourself. It gets better. I promise".

I know some of you were probably expecting magnificant art. Apologies for the slight disappointment. Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoyed the fun scribbles. 

Thank you again for watering me all these years.

I promise I'll give back by planting seeds of LOVE & INSPIRATION. 

Let's all PLANT where we were GROWN.


Your friend, Bubz xx






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