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Ask Bubz: Acne Scars, Oily Skin, Large Pores, Treating Dry skin & more



Hello my pixies!

It's time for another Ask Bubz video (Beauty edition). This time, I'll be answering your SKINCARE questions. First of all, thank you so much to everybody who submited your beauty questions. Instead of answering both makeup AND skincare questions in one video - I decided to separate them so I'll be answering makeup related questions for the next Ask Bubz video. Don't worry, I'll be making much more of these Ask Bubz videos so I can answer more of your questions. 


I picked out the most commonly asked questions along with questions that were thumbed up the most. 


The skincare questions answered are as follows:

How can I minimise my large pores?

How can I prevent my skin getting oily?

How can I fade my acne scars?

Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid? Which is better for acne?

Can you share some foods that is good for the skin? 

Advice for dry/sensitive skin?

Is makeup bad for my skin?



Check out the Ask Bubz Skincare Edition video below:


I hope you guys found the video helpful. Your questions are super important to me and answering them in a form of a video allows me to reach out on a bigger scale rather than repeating myself various times through email and comments. Remember, I'm not a doctor/dermatologist so I only answer based on little things I know. Please don't hesitate to see an actual skin specialist for your skin problems. 

Really glad you guys enjoy the Ask Bubz videos. Off to final editing the next DIY tutorial. I've always been more of a dog person but these kitties look pretty cute in the apartment ^_^



The DIY kitty tutorial will be up in a few days. Yep, a DIY Totoro video will follow up afterwards ^_^


Until next time, have a wonderful week everyone! 

Much love, Bubz xx




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