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Happy Valentines Day / Single Awareness Day / Forever Alone Day (take your pick)

I decided to do something different this year. I'm not going to do a Valentines Day related tutorial because, well... Tim and I aren't doing anything special to be honest. Yup, it's our 10th Valentines Day together and we are absolutely cool about it. 

I know some of you must be a bit bummed out about having no plans for the "most romantic day of the year". No fear because Bubz is here (haha it rhymes).



Beauty Day is FUN whether you're doing it alone or with friend(s). I felt refreshed and energised afterwards. You have no where to go? Who cares? You can relax and pamper yourself all in the comfort of your own home. 


Guys, you ready? It's BEAUTY DAY:


I'm been meaning to make a Beauty Day video for a while now. Some days when you're feeling extra low, it's just nice to put your feet up and pamper yourself. Am I right? Even when you're HAPPY (and hopefully free with time to spare), it's awesome taking care of yourself. Sometimes, we just get so caught up with being busy in life we forget to take care of ourselves. 

Ok, nobody in this world has time for an entire day of beauty pampernig but you guys get my point right? Even if you don't have a few hours, give yourself a Beauty Hour. 

In the video, I demonstrated some possible beauty treatments but you can do whatever you want. You can find other ways to pamper yourself (like giving yourself a pedicure, doing your brows, DIY beauty masks etc). Do whatever that makes you feel awesome! Strut in your home, dance in your underwear (check to see curtains are shut first), sing your heart out!!!

Perhaps you have a special event coming up whether its a prom or a special date. You can prep your body and mind for it. BEAUTY DAY! You deserve one ^_~

As always, remember it's wonderful taking care of your  skin and body but it's even more important to take care of your heart. I feel most beautiful when my heart is kind. No amount of makeup or beauty treatments can conceal an ugly heart.

Have a wonderful day guys.  Stay beautiful and blessed.

Much love, Bubz xx




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