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How to Remove Makeup


Maybe it's getting pretty late....

You've been dancing all night long...

Maybe you've had a bit too much to drink...

You're in the taxi and all you can think about is, "I CAN'T WAIT TO FALL FACE FIRST ON MY BED!"

You get home and you just decide to quickly remove your makeup so you can get to bed asap. Result? You scrub and you rub. Your idea is, maybe the harder you scrub - the better the makeup will be removed. Then you throw the makeup wipe into the bin and head straight to bed. 


Harshly scrubbing your makeup off can irritate your eyes and cause premature wrinkles. Many girls don't even realise they're not removing their makeup off properly. After wearing makeup for 10 years, I only learnt to remove my makeup properly these recent years. 


It doesn't matter how amazing your skincare routine is. It doesn't matter how clean you clean your makeup brushes before each application. If you don't remove your makeup properly, your skin is going to suffer. Your pores needs to breathe. Especially at night time because when you sleep, your skin regenerates itself. 

Tonight, I'm going to show you guys how I remove my makeup. I just got back home from a late family gathering and I was mega tired. However, I always look forward to cleansing my skin. Hygeine is the one of the most important aspects in makeup/skincare. When your skin is refreshed and clean, THEN you can go to bed with a peace of mind. I promise you that you'll even sleep better too!


Check out the Makeup Removal Tutorial below:


Products I used:


LEED Beauty Puff

I LOVE LOVE LOVE using the Leed cotton pads. They help me save money because they don't dry up as quickly compared to normal cotton pads. In fact, the cotton pad stayed soaked for a long time meaning I don't have to pour as much makeup remover/toner/essence. It's super gentle on the skin and very affordable too. There's plenty in each box and it takes me a while to finish each box. 



I love Bioderma's makeup remover products. They feel very gentle on the skin yet they remove makeup effectively. I'm using the Sebium H20 solution in the video but I have to say, I prefer the red one (for sensitive skin). I just need to finish off this bottle before I get another one. Let me tell you, this 500ml bottle will last you for a very very long time. This baby removes eye, lip and face makeup. Perfect all in one makeup remover. 


Shu Uemura Pore Clarifing Cleansing Oil

I forgot how much I loved the Shu Uemura cleansing oil and I finally remembered why I stopped using it. Because it was too expensive for me to use as a student. Nothing cleans my foundation and powder like this baby can. Since I don't wear foundation everyday, I only use this weekly (if even). I indulge in a facial massage everytime I use the cleansing oil. It just feels heavenly on the skin. Even though it claims to be a one step cleanser, I still personally like to use a foam cleanser afterwards just for extra reassurance. If you wear heavy makeup everyday- I reccomend you to cleanse your skin with a good cleansing oil to remove everything. 


Optrex Eye Bath

Eyes can get irritated from makeup getting into the eyes or even from staring at a computer screen too long. An eyebath will soothe and hydrate the eyes. I've used this brand since university and it works wonderful.


Attorege AD + Cleansing Foam

This is a japanese brand I believe. It really isn't anything too special to be honest. I'm just finishing it up. It does the job and cleanses my skin without drying it out. Very similar to the AquaMoist or Hada Labo Cleansing Foam except this product is more expensive. I won't be repurchasing but I'll still finish the product. 





Some frequently asked questions


What's wrong with using makeup wipes?

I personally like to stay away from makeup wipes because it doesn't matter how 'sensitive' it claims to be - my skin always gets oilier or drier after each time. That's because wipes can create an imbalance in the pH in your skin. So you have to be careful with makeup removal wipes. After using the wipes, you still got to cleanse your skin with water and a good cleanser. A makeup wipe can only remove makeup to an extent. I can almost guarantee you that makeup residue is always left behind from wipes. Who doesn't enjoy splashing the face with water anyways?


Who has time for all that?

Out of your 24 hour day, all your skin is asking for is just an extra 5 or 10 minutes. Isn't this worth it? Think of the time you'll save from trying to treat the surprise breakouts. I can totally understand if you're exhausted from a busy day but I promise you, it's sooo worth it. I know I can't force any of you to take your time removing your makeup. End of the day, it's up to how much you want to take care of your skin. You want clearer and healthier skin right? Clear skin doesn't come easy for a lot of us. It takes a lot of tender, love and care. 

Can I use olive oil to remove my makeup?

Absolutely!! It's such inexpensive way to remove makeup (even waterproof mascara). I recommend cleansing the skin afterwards with a gentle cleanser.


Thank you so much for watching/reading. 

Much love, Bubz xx





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