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Hey everyone,

Quite a few people have recently told me my face looks sharper these days and asked if I've lost weight. Some even made accusations that I've had botox. While these two are very valid reasons for obtaining a slimmer face, I have to say I have not lost a single pound nor had any form of botox. 


I'm pretty amazed people are actually noticing the slimmer face so today, I'm gonna be sharing my secrets with you all. 

Please don't misunderstand this video as a message to be ashamed of your face shape. I'm very happy with the face shape I was born with. My face is considered quite round and I've seen it as a blessing because round face girls tend to look younger and more innocent.

However, do you know that your face can become excessively bloated/puffy due to factors such as lifestyle and diet? You would be surprised to know that your 'naturally puffy cheeks' could possibly be self caused after all. 

What I share in this video is going to define your natural face shape. It's not going to transform your face to an extreme degree (for example, if you have a stronger jaw line -this isn't gonna remove it) but it will sharpen your face to give you it's NATURAL DEFINITION. No matter what face shape you have, you CAN make your face more defined and sharp. 

The video is split into 3 parts. To me, all parts are equally important (well maybe more of the 1st and 2nd part). 

  1. Everyday tips to PREVENT/MINIMIZE a puffy and bloated face. I'll also share a facial slimming massage technique which has worked wonders for me. I massage my face at least 2-3 times a week now.
  2. How to use makeup to sculpt and contour the face to give an illusion of a smaller, sharper and slimmer face
  3. I'll be sharing/demonstrating some products which I've tried & tested that really works for slimming the face.
Without further adieu, find out how you can achieve a Slimmer and Sharper face by checking out this video below:

Wow Bubz, that seems like a lot of effort to retain a defined face
Yes it is. Beauty is Pain right? lol but in all seriousness, I really have to say I enjoy taking after myself. I don't see it as a chore at all. Plus, making these lifestyle changes will benefit my health overall (drinking more water, reducing my sodium intake etc). Of course, will I be able to keep this lifestyle on going constantly? Probably not because there's definitely gonna be days where I'll be lazy and eating junk food. Ah well, it happens. At least you know this piece of information now and whenever you need your face to look more defined (photoshoot coming up, special occasion or for vanity reasons lol, you'll know what you can do to define your face. Even now my face still has it's natural roundness. I've just drained the excess water retention and bloating. 

The makeup I used in the video includes:
Benefit Hoola Powder (My absolute favourite contouring powder)
Banilla & Co The Secret Marbling Blusher in Fantasia (as my highlight powder)
NARS Gilda Blush (Still my favourite blush right now)
Bubbi Dome Brush (Coming soon)

Where can I get your facial massage tool?
To be honest, I have no idea what this little baby is called. I know in China and Hong Kong, a lot of people use this to massage the body to drain it from toxins. I randomly found one of these when I made a family trip to China about 2 years ago. A lot of you have mentioned to me it's a GUA SHA tool which makes sense since it's used for gua sha (duhh Bubz). For now, you're gonna have to rely on an asian ceramic spoon which also works as a substitute. I have to say the actual gua sha thingie works miles better than the spoon though. Just being honest x_x 

The cream I applied on my face before massaging?
I used the Estee Lauder Firming Mask. It actually belongs to my mum but she left it behind and guess who stole it? I just use it to lubricate the skin beforehand. Olive oil actually does the job. I didn't use olive oil because the bottle in my kitchen is a little gross right now lol.

The slimming products you mentioned/demonstrated in the video?
I bought all the products from my local MANNINGS but I found out you can also buy the prodcuts from the SASA website. Do I prefer the Bijin mask or the Diamond Fit mask? Honestly I have to say they both work really well. If I had to choose between the two, I would probably go with the Diamond V brand since it seems to last longer. Diamond V also make the slimming facial band too which you can also find on SASA. I'll write an indepth review for you guys soon since this is quite a cool product. I didn't have enough time to talk more about the product in the video so I just mentioned the jist which is 'Yes, it does work by slimming the face'.

Note- the ingredients were the first thing I checked out which is mostly herb extracts. I've been testing this product for quite some while as well and so far so good. I would never share a product with you guys that may be dangerous to any of you.  However, I want to warn you guys that you might find the 'warm sensation' a bit uncomfortable at first. I first tried out this product because it was given to me as a sample. I thought it was just any 'firming face mask' and I had a right panic attack when I suddenly felt a warm sensation on my face. I thought my skin was burning from a sort of reaction but then realised the mask was supposed to release a hot sensation. For now, you can research the products yourself online before deciding to purchase to try out. Again, like I mentioned before - I'm gonna write a full review post of the products for you guys soon. 

More tips on how you can make the face appear slimmer


Your clothing can influence how your face shape looks too. High necked clothing tends to make the face look fuller and rounder. In contrast, if you show more of the collar bone where it shows more skin on skin - your face will appear smaller. V-neck lines are most flattering for the face. 


Your hairstyle can do wonders for your face shape because your hair frames your face. A full block fringe tends to make the face appear fuller while a side swept fringe will shade off a portion of the face making it appear more oval. 


Still on the subject of hair, tying your hair into a pony tail with zero volume on the top will emphasize the roundness of the face. However, if you add height to the hair by styling it into a quiff - your face will appear sharper. This is the contrast effect between hair and skin. 

Keep a good posture. Standing and sitting tall will make your body appear elongated and lean whilst keeping your face looking lifted. 

That's all folks. Thank you so much for reading/watching.

Until next time. Take care everyone.

Much love, Bubz xx


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