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Sweetheart Cascading Updo

Hello my little Snowdrops of Loooove,


Here is another hair tutorial for you all. I named it the Sweetheart updo because it is everything sweet, cute and romantic. It's perfect for days when you wanna feel extra special. I can totally imagine this hairstyle being worn on a special date or something (although I wore this hairstyle for shopping XD). Either way, this cascading hairstyle is gonna guarantee you lots of compliments. 

Check out the hair tutorial below:

The great thing about this hairstyle is that there are no right or wrong when doing it. Every time I style my hair this way, it looks slightly different which isn't a bad thing. The curls will make this hairstyle more forgiving so everything will work together to give you that effortless soft effect. 

Now I know a lot of you have thicker hair than I do. That's fine, use the bigger and strong bobby pins. My hair isn't exactly the thickest and even still, I never really use the small bobby pins. They barely hold my hair. I'll make a video showing you guys my hair styling kit one day. I'll go from products to my styling tools to styling accessories. 

Good night to you all!

Much love, Bubz xx 


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