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Our PreWedding Photoshoot (MV + Pictures)

Good afternoon my angels,

It's 2pm right now and I actually just woke up about 2 hours ago. I didn't get to sleep until 6:30am so I'm feeling a bit tired today. Instead of sleeping, I spent my early morning hours editing our Official PreWedding video and then another 2 hours reading all your wonderful comments. Not complaining though because it's been a while since I've been so excited to edit a video/read comments. We feel so blessed to be able to share our magical moments with you all. I can see why the video would move us to happy tears but I cannot believe you guys are shedding precious happy tears for us too. It deeply touches our heart and again, we want to thank you for your blessings. 

So first, here is our Official PreWedding Photoshoot Music Video. 
Even though I must've watched this video like 100 times, I can't stop smiling throughout it.


The song in the video is called 'Beautiful in White' by Shane Filan. I listened to it on the bus a few days ago and the lyrics were just so beautiful, it moved me to tears. I looked like a right idiot crying on the bus but it was worth it. My favourite lines are:

"And if a daughter's what our future holds
I hope she has your eyes
Finds love like you and I did (yeah)
If she falls in love we'll let her go
I'll walk her down the aisle
She'll look so beautiful in white"  

Alright so several weeks ago, Tim and I headed to the Wedding Expo to find a good Pre-Wedding photography studio (and other wedding ideas). We actually originally picked a photography agent called Mona Lisa but I kinda picked it hastily and after looking at their client work, I realised their work isn't something we were looking for. We were looking for something that will capture love in a very relaxed and effortless mood and Mona Lisa just seemed maybe a bit  cheesy for us. Not that it's not good but maybe just not something we were looking for. I've always loved the elegant and editorial approach to Korean Pre-Wedding photography so I was determined to find somebody who would also share our vision. 

The Wedding Expo was a NIGHTMARE to us lol. Mona Lisa actually had the biggest stall and were the busiest out of all of them which is expected since they have the craziest advertising. People were handing me flyers left right and centre. Some were VERY persistent and made me feel uncomfortable because they were just so pushy. Maybe because it was also very stuffy inside, I had a crazy headache and Tim started to feel mardy (which believe me isn't often so the expo must've been hectic lol) so we just wanted to go home. Somehow, we passed by this large stand called SA Wedding and we were immediately drawn to the photographs on display. I couldn't stop looking at them because I was so captivated by the beauty of the pictures.

So we discovered that SA Wedding are basically the middle company to connect you to the photography studios in Korea. They organise your accommodation for you (if you want to stay with them), transport, makeup, hair, dress/tux fitting, translation, photography and videography. They sort everything for you while you just gotta sort out your own flights. So I took the flyer home because I didn't want to make a quick decision to pay a deposit like I did for Mona Lisa (luckily the deposit for that one was small). I got home and I browsed their facebook page and went through the albums from certain studios (named in numbers). It was so hard deciding which studio to go for but in the end, we decided to go for 148C (Luna Studio). 

Everything was easy and done through the phone. I have to say, it was definitely an investment but it was something we were willing to spend more on. I decided to spend less for my Wedding dress and more for photography. Capturing moments is very special to us so since it's once in a lifetime, we decided to take our photos abroad and make a trip out of Seoul too. 

Before we flew over to Seoul, SA requested us to give our body measurements and pictures of ourselves. They also wanted pictures of the hairstyle I would like along with my makeup choice. This allowed them to prepare things beforehand so we get as close to our vision as possible.

We were collected at the airport by a SA Staff member and driven back to the SA Wedding Service apartments which took about an hour to get to. The apartment is situated right opposite the Seoul train station making the location very convenient. We lived 2-4 train stops away from the major shopping districts and only 5 minutes away from a major supermarket ( miss Lotte already). Our apartment was pretty small but very cosy. My only complaint would be the shower because it had low pressure therefore not much water came out lol. We did love how their TV had so many channels though. We must've watched over 10 documentaries =D

On the day of dress fitting, we headed to the Headquaters (which is next door to our apartments which is again very handy) and were driven to a cute bridal store called Marianne (about 30 minutes drive). The ladies were super friendly, patient and very professional. We didn't have to worry about language barrier because an interpreter would be with us at all times. Sharon was our interpreter and she is the friendliest and kindest girl ever and it wasn't long before we became friends. She not only just cared about our photoshoot, she also made effort to look up places we could visit during our visit. I loved how the ladies put jewellery on me and put my hair up briefly so I would get a better idea of how I would look in the dresses. I had a fun day!

The next day, we found out that we set off from our apartment around 5pm. This actually worried me because I thought we needed good sunlight for photos. Our first stop was at a beauty salon. The second I sat down, they started working on my hair and makeup. Everything was happening so fast but I was totally loving it. I'm always nervous about other people doing my makeup but they did a nice job^^ I think they did a great job on Tim because I thought he looked like a mini G-Dragon with his slick hair. Everybody just pretty much made us feel very special. The videography team were probably Tim's favourite people. They kept fooling around hence why you can see Tim is so relaxed on camera. I'm glad they were goofy with us because it really helped us ease up in front of the camera. It's weird but I kinda felt attached to the crew. 

So after our hair and makeup, we were driven to the studio (Luna Studio). We were greeted by the photographer (who in my opinion looks like YounHwa from CN Blue) which was very smiley and happy. I've always thought I would know which angle I'd look best in so when I was directed to pose his way, I was a bit worried because I would never normally pose like that. However, looking at the photos I can definitely see HE knows which angle was best after all. Apparently my shoulders hunch upwards a lot when I smile so I had to constantly remind myself to relax my shoulders. Chest out, tummy in, chin up and SMILE! My biggest problem was my stiff grin. All the smiling made my grin a bit forced so instead, he would make ways to make me laugh for the photos. I have nothing but wonderful words for the photographer. I can see he puts 101% effort in what he does. He's just a very likable person altogether and I would recommend anybody to try out Luna Studios.

The following day, Sharon helped us pick the photos for the finalised album. I'
ve always been nervous looking at other people's photographs of me but I couldn't stop smiling flicking through the raw pictures. The chosen 35 photos would be edited into a pretty album which would take 3-5 months but even the raw photos looked AMAZING to us. We can't imagine how the finish pictures are gonna look. We were able to take ALL the raw photos (over 300) home so we didn't come home empty handed. I couldn't wait to go home and import them into my computer. 

Just a little heads up, we weren't paid to write this post or anything. We're just so happy with our photos/footage we wanted to share our experiences as another way to say thank you to the SA team.

If you're interested in choosing SA Wedding to do your Pre-Wedding photos, I highly recommend you guys to look for Sharon (contact her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). She can speak cantonese, mandarin, english AND some korean!! You can email her with this email address and I'm sure she will be able to help you as much as she can. You can also check out the SA Wedding Facebook page.

Ok last but not least, here are some pictures for you all.


Let's start with Tim's favourite shot. Yes, it looks crazy because we were practically standing in the middle of the read but don't worry, we stood inside a safe zone box. We love how magical this photo looks. It's just perfect. 

sa10We love the colour scheme of this photo. Even the bouquet even matches the cherry blossom tree!

Me & my little Prince.

"Thanks for such a lovely evening". By the way, Seoul has the cutest little coffee shops. 

Balancing on those books is harder than it looks lol. For some reason, this picture reminds me of 'Beauty and the Beast'. Not that Tim is a beast but I am a book worm ^^

A shot taken when the photographer made me laugh. 

Happy us being happy.

Hollywood kiss.

This one reminds me of something out of a Bridal magazine. 

Secret garden.

Vintage style.


Guess how it works in our relationship? Just kidding haha

I can't believe we are only 9 months away from the big day. We're getting hitched 11th August 2013 which will be our 10th year and 10th day together which will make the day even more special. Some of you asked if we will be sharing our big day with you guys. It's not even a question. It will be an honour to share our Wedding video with you guys because you are all more than subscribers to us. 

Ok, this post took me longer than expected lol. It's now 8pm (took a quick nap in between to be fair). We're going to grab some dinner now. 
Thank you so so much for reading/watching. We'll catch up  very soon!

Much love, Bubz xx



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