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A BIG Fall Fashion Haul

Hello my little pumpkins,


For some reason, Fall just makes me feel extra sleepy. The days are getting shorter and I can't believe I'm saying this but Hong Kong's climate has been pretty breezy and cool this week. I'm looking forward to the chilly days so I can layer up with my boots, hat, scarf and woolies. 

Today I'm going to share a big HAUL with you guys. I have quite a few fashion pieces to share with you guys. You can probably tell from the colour scheme of the pieces that I'm very into neutral earthly tones right now. I'm waving bye bye to vivid colours and welcoming warm tones. 

I bought these shoes just a few days ago and I cannot WAIT to wear them. I have been looking for a cute pair of nude Mary Janes for the longest time. My friend Wendy took me to buy a pair of YSL nude heels in New York a year ago and my feet were just too wide to fit into the shoes. Since then, I was convinced that my feet just weren't made to wear pretty shoes. I always thought my feet were small (at size 34-35) so I was horrified because I felt like Cinderella's sister trying to squeeze into the glass slipper. These heels cost $HK369 which is pretty decent and they fit me perfectly. The platform heel makes it comfortable for me to walk on (although all heels have a limited time of comfort). The big button adds extra cuteness into the classic design. I'm planning to wear these babies for our casual wear engagement shoot. 

I bought these shoes 2 weeks ago. I figured they'll look awesome for Fall matched with tights/stockings. I like how they look cute but also tough at the same time. Only cost $HK130 ^^

Of course, I picked up a pair in black as well ^_~ Which colour do you prefer?

These are the highest shoes I own. A whooping 5 inch heel which is very tall for me. I'm off to Seoul this week to take our pre-wedding photographs and I NEED a pair of high heels. I figured something like this will look magical with the wedding gowns. I think these cost $HK700 or so. They look like dancing shoes lol. 

I have to say I've never really been the type to appreciate tiaras and what not but this hair band is too freaking adorable. I've seen Jessica (from SNSD) and Ji-Yeon (from T-ara) wear these hair bands before and honestly didn't think I can pull something like this off but what can I say, it made me feel like a princess lol. This will look so pretty with curls!

Wearing the tiara hair band. Had to put a smiley face in front of my mug because it wasn't a good picture lol. 

I was totally captivated by this beautiful bangle. The combination of the light blue and ivory pink looks so beautiful together. It was only $HK10!!!! I should've bought more. This will look so pretty with a light coloured outfit. Must go back to the market and grab more. 

This trench style jacket is so gorgeous. It's perfect for the 'cooler but not to cold' weather in Hong Kong. The synched in waist makes the jacket super flattering too. Will look awesome matched with black and with jeans. 

Trying on the jacket for you guys. I love how it looks smart but casual at the same time. They also had a black one but I figured a lighter shade looks better so you can see all the layers. Only cost $HK130 ^^ Bubz is a bargain hunter. Hmm... maybe I'll pick up the black one too.

Ever since I saw the music video (story version) of Only One by Boa, I was obsessed with her greyish/taupe nails. I got these two nail polishes from my local SASA. One is from KATE and from is from Docile.  

Wearing the Docile nail polish. It' gonna be my Autumn nail polish =)

I always see nail stickers all over Hong Kong so thought I'll try some out. Surprised with how easy it was. I just seal with a top coat afterwards. Can't go wrong with lace.

My friend Brian absolutely SPOILED me by sending me lots of goodies from Daily Look. Thought I'll share the accessories with you guys because they're my favourite. Let me show you guys the pieces in detail.

This HogePodge Stretch bracelet is gorgeous. It's such a simple yet statement piece. Again, loving the eartly shades. 

I've been looking for a leafy bracelet for a while so this rose gold bracelet is perfect for me. It looks so delicate doesn't it? 

So cute!

This piece caught my attention the most. It's such a beautiful bracelet that will add statement to an outfit right away. One of my faves for sure. 

Ooh la la ^_~

Another gorgeous bracelet with a beautiful combination of brown and gold. This is the Stone and Filigree stretch bracelet. 

I got soooo many compliments wearing this watch. Loving the combo of studs and rhinestones. Makes it look more unique but the brown strap keeps it looking very casual. 

Wearing my crystal leather wrap watch. Casually glam.

From afar, it looks like studs but then when you look close up - its actually little skulls which gives the bag a hint of edge. Yeah, I told you I've been loving tones of brown lately ^^

Cute studded clutch bag. Add edge into chic. 

I've been loving neutral tones so much, I even re-coloured my green wall. Said goodbye to my happy green wall and went for something more subtle.

That's all folks. I'm gonna go pack for Seoul babyyy!

Thanks for reading guys!!! Have a wonderful week and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

Much love, Bubz xx

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