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March Favourites 2014


Suit Up!!! Here is a new super chic and fun nail tutorial. "French" Tuxedo nails. Ohh La La! 

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I’m going to show you guys how to create beautiful soft AND tight waves with old socks and tights!!! It’s so easy you won’t believe i

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What's Inside My Bag?


I realised it’s been 4 years sine my last 'What’s In My Handbag' video and decided it’s time to do an updated one. I figured it will be helpful since I get quite a lot of questions on what camera I use and the aps I use on my phone. 

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Week 15 Pregnancy Vlog


15 weeks and all is good! No wonder they say the second trimester is the best one. Now sporting a mini bump so it's obvious I'm pregnant but I haven't gotten to the humungous stage yet. I got all my energy back. My hair is thicker than ever and my nails are growing at lightning speed. Not all perks though. The baby gas is back, sleep is starting to get uncomfortable and oh, the horrible migraines

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Natural Glam Makeup (Cheon Song Yi Inspired - My Love From Another Star)


Today’s Natural Glam makeup tutorial is inspired Cheon Song Yi, a character played by the beautiful Jeon Ji-Hyeon. I’ll demonstrate how you can achieve her effortless natural makeup. Of course, we can’t miss out her vibrant glossy lips for the extra glam. It's the perfect look for Spring/Summer.

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