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Friend or Foe?


Today, we will talk about dealing with friends who put you down, backstabbing and whether you are a bad friend.

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June Favs 2014


Here are the products I LOVED for the month of June. Fun fact: June is one of my favourite months. 

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Sweet Berry Look


Here is a Sweet Berry look for Summer! It’s everything nice with a little bit of spice. I know a lot of us tend to shy away from reddish/pink tones but when worn correctly, it can look so romantic and beautiful. 

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29 Week Pregnancy Vlog


At 29 weeks pregnant, I'm finally in my third trimester. Next week, I'll be hitting the big 30 week zone and before you know it, 11 weeks will be over and baby Isaac will be here (hopefully). 

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Summer Beauty Survival Kit


Your Summer Beauty Survival Kit sorted! 

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