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Lose Weight With TEA?


"Dear Bubz, I'm told that 
Puerh tea can help promote weight loss. Is this true?"

I remember growing up, my family and I would indulge in delicious Dim sum every Sunday. There would always be people filling our teapots with tea. My family always picked pu-erh. Now I realise it was to help aid digestion. 



Dim sum with my family had always been our Sunday ritual. 


From all the different types of chinese tea, pu-erh has always been my favourite. Some people cannot stand the taste of pu-erh because to them, it tastes too earthy. It's definitely an acquired taste. I personally love it and for me, the more aged the tea leaves, the better. 

Pu-erh tea is high in antioxidants and that is fantastic (helps to fight against free radicals). Although with that being said, green tea contains more antioxidants. In terms of caffeine content, it contains higher amounts in comparison with green tea (although it's less than most teas). 



Many people favour pu-erh tea because it's supposed to help lower cholesterol, blood pressure and speed up metabolism. I normally sip a glass after a big meal to help aid digestion and eliminate excess grease. It's been known to improve blood circulation too. I see it like a cleansing tea. 

So can pu-erh help you lose weight? It can play a part. However, it's also about eating healthy and exercising too. If you eat irresponsively, pu-erh tea will not miracliously help you lose weight. Some celebrities who are fans of pu-erh tea include Victoria Beckham and Gweneth Paltrow. 



It's not a bad idea indulging in a nice cup of pu-erh tea after a greasy heavy meal.

Remember, even though pu-erh tea does have weightloss benefits, don't over do it by drinking too much. I limit myself no more than 2 glasses a day and I never drink it late at night since it does contain caffeine. Sometimes I forget and I end up drinking a nice hot cup late at night and I find myself rolling in bed. 

Hope this helps! Thank you for your awesome question!

With love, Bubz xx


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