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Difference between Serum and Moisturiser


"Hi Bubz, what is the difference between serum and moisturizer? Which is better?" - Anonymous

What a great question! Now, a lot of people mistaken a serum as a light moisturiser. I've heard girls talk about only wearing serums for the hot summer weather. This isn't the way to go. 

A serum and a moisturiser is designed to work in conjunction with each other, not alone. 

Serums tend to have smaller molecules so they are capable of penetrating deeper into the skin. A lot of times, they're much more concentrated too so they absorb into the skin quicker. A moisturiser will help to seal the nutrients inside to prevent moisture from evaporating. 

Why do you get eye serums and eye creams? The same reason. No matter how amazing an eye cream is, it may work only on the surface but an eye serum can work deep within. 

As for which is better, you just can't compare because they are different products. Not everybody needs to use serum unless you're dealing with wrinkles and discoloration. If I had to only use one product, it would be a moisturiser but personally, they are equally important to me. 

Thank you so much for your question!

Much love, Bubz xx



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