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How to grow long healthy nails


One of the most frequently questions I get asked in the comment section of my nail tutorials is "Bubz, how do you grow healthy long nails? My nails are so brittle and break so easily". You know what? I'm the same too. Unlike my little sister, my nails are also naturally brittle and thin while hers are thick and strong. It's only recent years that I've been able to grow long nails.

How long should your nails be? Well that depends on your preference and lifestyle. I don't need my nails to be crazily long, I just need them to be a decent good length. I have short stumpy fingers so longer nails help to give an illusion that my fingers are longer and leaner.


There's a lot of factors that contribute to nail growth and today, I'll share some of my nail growing tips. 

The appearance of your skin, nails and hair can all indicate your health. Whenever I eat lots of junk food, it shows up on my skin through oiliness and pimples. When you don't have enough calcium or vitamin A in your diet, your nails can become brittle and dry. I usually like to add a few spoonfuls of yogurt into my morning smoothies. I also take fish oil gels on a daily basis which not only strengthens my hair and improves my skin texture, but also helps to promote the growth of healthy nails.

Apparently nails grow faster during the warmer seasons due to the chemical reaction. I am always amazed how much longer my nails appear after taking hot baths. 

Condition & massage your nails
Dip your fingers into a little bowl of olive oil and let your nails soak up for about 5 minutes. Olive oil is rich in vitamins helping to condition nails and also promoting nail growth. Afterwards, use your thumb to gently massage your nail beds. This stimulates blood supply into the nails to keep them strong and healthy. 

Don't use nail varnish removers too much
They are incredibly drying on the nails. For me, even with nail polish removers without acetone that claim to condition nails - still dry the heck out of my nails (making them appear yellowy). Before nail polish application, try to apply a base coat (especially if you're going to wear dark shades) to prevent your nails getting stained. 

File them correctly
Yes, only file your nails in one direction (instead of back and forth). This prevents them splitting.

Nail strengtheners
In my experience, nail polishes and top coats help my nails 'thicken' up by adding a hard lustrous layer over my nails. It makes them less prone to breakage. Nail strengtheners help too. I can't say this technique is the healthiest option for the nails but it is the most effective way to help me grow long nails easily.

Don't bite your nails
I bit my nails for over twenty years and if I can beat the habit, so can you!

Happy growing nails everybody!

Much love, Bubz xx


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