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Picking the Right Hairstyle for your Face shape

"Hey Bubbi, I am from Germany and i love your videos, they are very helpful :) Can you tell me how to pick the right hairstyle for my face shape? I like your hairstyle but don't know if it will work on my face. Thank you x" - Michelle


Hi Michelle,

Our hair frames our face and depending on the style, it can totally influence the appearance of our face shape. By picking the right hairstyle, it can accentuate our better features while disguising off the features we're not too crazy about. You didn't tell me your face shape so I'll just talk about different face shapes and hairstyles that work well. I think hairstyles all come to preference but here are some guide lines. 

askhairRound Face

I also have a round face and while a lot of people complain about it, it actually gives a very youthful look.  Avoid any hairstyle that looks flat, instead - go for a hairstyle that has height/volume at the crown. The added height will elongate the face whilst making it look slimmer. Lengthwise, I recommend medium lengthed to long. Short bobs will make the roundness of the face stand out more. Layers around the face will help to sculpt the face to make it look slimmer. 

askhair1Long Face
A fringe (or bangs) would do favours for a long face. The hair would "cut"  the top part of the face to visually shorten the face. I would also avoid middle partings and go for a side parting instead. In general, bobs would work well with long faces because it adds width to the head. Layers are good. One length hairstyles not so much.

ReeseWitherspoonsidebangshairstyleHair-trendfor-heartshapedfaceHeart Shaped Face
I love the heart shaped face because I think it looks so cute. While I adore it, some people don't like the wide forehead feature that comes along with it. A fringe will narrow down the forehead. Go for a side parting because a middle parting will draw attention to the shorter chin.

Square/Angular Face
Length would do favours for a strong jaw. Think of Jennifer Anniston, she has soft curls/waves to soften the strong angle of her jaw. Her hair is also long and parted in the middle to sculpt the face into a slimmer oval shape.

jessica-alba-photosOval Face
You will suit any hairstyle because apparently it's the optimum style. Lucky you!

So above are the guidelines for a flattering hairstyle but remember, hairstyles can be subjective. Do whatever you think will make you happy. Good luck Michelle and thank you for posting your question.

Much love, Bubz xx


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