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Uneven Skin Tone?

"Hi Bubz, 
I have been watching your videos for skincare advice (and other advice too ;D), and your advice has been impeccable. Your DIY scrubs and wonderful tips have helped me clear up my acne, for which I am so incredibly grateful ^-^. Now, I would like to ask you for advice on how to keep an even skin tone? Lately, I've been noticing that my face is paler than my neck. Although the difference isn't ginormous, it still bugs me x[ In addition to the darker tone, my neck seems to be feeling dry lately. So, Bubz could you please help me cure my neck problem? xD" - Lori 


Hi Lori,

You know what? I actually have this problem too. My face is at least a shade paler than the rest of my body. It can be annoying but it's not such a big problem so don't worry because it's more common than you think. 

You don't nessecarily have to buy a new foundation that's darker so it matches with the rest of your body. A quick way to solve this is to use a bronzer. Apply the bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks and buff it all the way down your jaw line (don't forget the temples and corners of your forehead too for an all over finish). This will not only give your face an incredible glow but will also give an illusion of even skin tone.

Bronzer is your best friend! The NARS Laguna and FaceFront's Rocket Bronzer in Third Kiss is my absolute fav!!

Eva's face is warmed up with bronzer so it matches with the skin tone of her body


Any skincare/makeup products with SPF, I try to make sure I apply it all the way down to my neck so both my face and neck are protected. Forgetting about the neck is a bad habit because the skin in the neck is very thin and delicate. Usually, a woman's age can be estimated by looking at her neck because lines develop there first.

If you wear foundation, blend it all the way down your jawline and neck. 


I know a lot of girls who use sheet masks experience the 'uneven skintone problem' too. If you use sheet masks, try to apply the left over essence on your jaw line and neck areas so these areas are brightened too. For me, oatmeal baths also help a lot. The oatmeal will even up my entire body's skin tone so it matches my face better.I just sprinkle a few handfuls of oatmeal into the bath before indulging myself to a luxious oatmeal bath. It will also keep the skin silky smooth too.

As for the dry neck problem, one of the worse places to suffer dry skin is the neck because we are constantly move our head causing conflict on the skin of the neck. Try to avoid HOT baths because it will dry out the skin even more. With a good moisturizing lotion (such as Diprobase, Dermol, Physiogel Lotion etc), apply a thick layer on your face before bedtime. Your skin regenerates itself while you sleep and the lotion should help to lock in the moisture to prevent water escaping from the skin. Try to avoid using air conditioning machines/heaters too much because again, they can all strip moisture from the skin.

I hope this was helpful honey,

Much love, Bubz xx

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