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Uneven eyes


"I was wondering if you know any technique for making uneven eyes even when putting on eye makeup? You see, i have uneven eyes...well its more like my crease lines are uneven. my left eye crease line is higher then my right one so it makes my left eye bigger and I always have a hard time putting on eye makeup because of the unevenness. please help! :(" - Anonymous

Hello girly ^.~

I can actually totally relate to this problem because I myself, struggle with uneven eyes too. It's actually more common than you think. Sometimes depending on the amount of sleep I get, I develop one monolid (where my eye is more hooded thus covering the crease) and one double lid. It can last from a day to a week.

Some people have permanent uneven eyes which again, isn't a serious problem. Nobody is completely symmetrical and this is what makes us unique. To be honest, unless you point it out; it probably isn't even noticeable to people at all. Believe me, I used to feel self conscious about my uneven eyes and I pointed it out to some friends and they were like 'Wha?" lol... All you need are a few makeup tricks to make the eyes appear more balanced.  

Mascara is your best friend because it creates a balance for both eyes making them appear more symmetrical. Apply mascara and curl your lashes to open up both eyes making them look wider and alert. This is my must-do trick when I'm dealing with uneven eyes.

If you have a lower crease in one eye, simply apply your eyeshadow higher. Make sure the height of the eyeshadow is the same for both eyes because again, it creates a balance. If you don't do this, one of your eyes may appear slightly lop sided.  You don't even have to use contouring methods, you can just sweep a light wash of colour on your lids to make them pop. 

Some people have to apply eyeliner slightly thicker in one eye so it opens up the 'lazy eye'. There's nothing wrong with doing this at all. Stick with a brown because it will look less harsh and obvious. 

Last tip is to use eyelid tapes. I don't recommend using them daily but they can be helpful. Whenever I have uneven eyes, I apply one eyelid tape on the 'droopy' eye for several hours so it allows my eye to get used to the 'new crease'. After I peel off the sticker, my eyes become even again. It doesn't work for everybody but it does work for some. Sometimes when I don't have eyelid tape, I just use cello-tape. 

Nobody is perfect and we're bound to have little imperfections. These imperfections make us unique so don't be too hard on yourself. I hope this was helpful for you.

Believe it or not, people don't really notice these things unless you point it out. Even or not, all eyes are beautiful.

Take care and until next time,

Bubz xx

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