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Sparkling White Teeth


"Hey bubz! Firstly, i want to thank you for your beautiful videos. They've been really helpful. I wish you a great success :) Anyway, What I want to ask is: Is it true that baking soda whitens teeth? Are there any other ingredients or products that can 'effectively' whiten teeth?" - Anonymous

Hi sweetie,

Baking soda is also known as Sodium bicarbonate. It's actually quite a popular home remedy for teeth whitening and people have been using it to 'whiten their smiles' for many many years. Baking soda can remove stains on the surface of the teeth and it's a popular home treatment because it's affordable and can be easily found in the kitchen.

Some people like to mix baking soda with water so it forms a paste. They would then use this like toothpaste and brush their teeth with it as a treatment. My friend personally likes to sprinkle a tiny bit into her ordinary tooth paste and she would brush her teeth normally (about twice a week). Although I have heard very successful reviews on the baking soda remedy, I have to say I haven't tried the remedy myself so I can't tell you my experience on it.

I personally found that eating starfruit has made a wonderful impact on my teeth. It has brightened and whitened my smile effectively without me even trying to. Starfruit is one of my favourite fruits to snack on but if you don't have access to this type of fruit, you can try eating strawberries because they work great too. 

Another popular remedy is to gargle vinegar because it not only kills the bacteria and germs in the mouth but it also removes stains. 

I have tried Crest's Pro Effects Whitening Stripes and personally found them very effective. They instantly reduced yellowness after 30 minutes. I used to use it on the go (whilst traveling on bus, car) so it's pretty handy. It's been a year since my last strip and my teeth are still pretty white (I think haha). It's enamel safe but some people have experienced slight discomfort. I recommend you to visit your dentist for more teeth whitening options because he/she will know best.

Today you can buy sonic technology toothbrushes that uses sonic technology to remove tough stains and dirt for clean sparkling teeth. It's worth checking out too ^_~. We only have one set of adult teeth to last us a life time so we should take care of them.

Meanwhile, try to avoid eating too much sugary foods and avoid drinking too much tea/coffee/wine because they can all stain the teeth. Have a good intake of calcium for strong and healthy teeth and remember to brush your teeth at least one minute twice a day. 


Thank you for submitting your question and I hope this was helpful.

Much love,

Bubz xx

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