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Long distance relationship?


"Hi Bubz :) I was wondering what are your thoughts on long distance relationships? My honey is moving to work in Singapore soon and I've never been in a long distance relationship before and we've never been apart for more than a week. He says things won't change but I'm scared we'll end up breaking up. My mum said this is good thing because  I can concentrate with school but why does this have to happen? You mentioned you've experienced a long distance relationship before so I would very much value your advice. Thank you in advance :)" -: Sheryl  </3

Aww hello Sheryl,

Thank you for your question ^_^ Well...I'm no love guru but I'll share my experience with you. Yes, I have been in a long distance relationship before and I'm going to be honest with you girl, since you've only been apart from your boyfriend for a week max, it will probably be tough. It'll take some time to get used to but once you do, hopefully you'll realise that it's so worth it. It'll make you appreciate what you guys have so much more.

While your boyfriend is reassuring you with his love, you are already thinking about consequences. I can see that you have doubts and I completely understand sweetheart but if this relationship means alot to both of you, I'm sure you guys would do all you can to make it work. Are you two willing to let distance come between you?

As different as they sound, long distance relationships AND a normal relationship both require one thing to survive - Trust. Hopefully, you'll have an understanding of your boyfriend and will know him enough to trust that he'll not do anything to hurt you. Another important thing is to have faith because how can you expect things to work when you're already having doubts? You both need to be able to motivate each other to keep each other upstanding. 

Realise that you two are very lucky to have found each other because Love is difficult to find and even harder to keep. Most of all, realise you are not alone (think of the wives of the military men right?). You know what? Long distance relationships can also be special and romantic. It certainly made me appreciate my boyfriend so much more. 

I recommend you guys to buy a webcam so you can still see each other. This way, he can still see your smile and you can see his laugh. It won't be as good as in person but hey, still something right?

Hopefully he'll be able to motivate you to work hard for your final year in college too. Maybe this is a good thing because it allows you to concentrate on work or perhaps yourself. Perhaps you/him can visit each other. It's actually the 'visiting trips' that motivated me everyday and it made me appreciate his hugs & kisses more. I still remember the first time I had to leave my boyfriend to catch my flight back home. It was hard saying goodbye but I knew I would see him again and now that we've made it (after a year long distancing), I now see him everyday ^_^

Everybody deals with long distance relationships differently and while some make it, some don't. For me, it's not that much different from a normal relationship. Long distancing can be difficult but they're not impossible. As long as you both trust in each other and both willing to make things work, you guys will be fine. 

"Distance makes the heart grow fonder" ^_~

I dedicate this song to you two. Wishing you both best of luck. 

Much love,

Bubz xx

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