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What is about? is simply a happy place for you to relax and enjoy. It is filled with thoughts & feelings of a simple everyday girl. In this site, I share my interests in Beauty, Hair & Fashion. I am no expert in the beauty, hair or fashion industry. I am just your everyday girl who is willing to try and willing to learn with a passionate interest within these fields. This site is an expansion from my Youtube channel as a Thank You to my subscribers so I can update more often instead of only by YouTube videos. I hope this website will be helpful in terms of inspiration and learning or even as a boredom buster ^_^

When did Bubzbeauty start?

It started on a warm summer's afternoon when I decided to record a live tutorial using my macbook isight camera. I was inspired by the wonderful existing makeup guru's on Youtube. I was very stressed during my final year of University and stayed home working 24/7 nonstop. Everyday, I gave myself 10-15 minutes to relax and it was their youtube videos that kept me going giving me my little taste of treat on a daily basis. So When University officially ended, I decided to take this chance by taking the courage to put my videos on the web. Since then, I ran along with Youtube, my subscribers and my inspirations on a wonderful journey. I am now UK's most subscribed Guru.

The aim of Bubzbeauty

"To Spread the Joy of course! - Make life Bubbiful"
I believe that confidence is the key to living life happily. With confidence, you are comfortable and you feel good about yourself. A way to get to happiness is to feel good about yourself when you think about yourself, so you associate yourself with being happy. Confidence boosts happiness. Therefore Bubzbeauty is created to help young women & men pick up confidence in themselves. Nothing should come in the way of one feeling beautiful. Art can be expressed through many forms and Makeup, Hair & Fashion come together as a creative family which can represent who we are. So through Bubzbeauty, we are on a learning curve together and exploring new innovations.

Shout out to my Bubscribers

You guys are my Inspiration & keep me going with Bubzbeauty. Words can’t explain how thankful I am for you guys because they're only the surface of my feelings. But I want to thank your kindness, support, messages & patience with me. I am blessed to have you all in my life ^_^ Bubbi was a nickname that my boyfriend gave me and now you guys know me more as Bubbi rather than Lindi which I don't mind. I love either because they are both named by people I love (my parents & my boyfriend) Thank you for being so uber! I will only strive to keep improving Bubzbeauty for you all! You guys rock! ^_^ I love you all! xx

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